In-game save deck system request!

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In-game save deck system request!

Postby Larry » 2018/04/23 Mon 3:07 pm


I am playing this game since beta and love to build and try different decks. With new expansions and standard/wild system, my collection is expanding and deck slots started not to be enough. There are additional deck trackers around web but alt+tab ing constantly is just tiring. I'm not against extra deck slots but they are not necessary at all. I'm just requesting a save deck system which we can save our decks, track our older decks. It also might be quite useful for building a deck with cards which we don't have and try to collect them because sometimes an idea comes to my mind but i can't build the deck as soon as I collected all cards and I could forget that idea in time. Also sometimes I want to keep all of my 16 decks and some quests which I can't do with existing decks appears. It forces me to delete some of my decks. You've created the copy system like my request but it doesn't help at all. It forces me to go to desktop for copying a deck from a notepad file. Saving system is handier than that and the most important part is that it must be integrated with collection tab?

Please help.

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